By focusing on the here and now, this will give you greater peace of mind and clarity. Using this approach, you can avoid drifting through your life in confusion, being consumed by thoughts of what could have been or planning for things that are out of our control.

There are many simple ways to practice mindfulness and it all starts with the perfect morning routine. Here are 5 things that you can do to start your day right!

1. Coffee first, everything second

We may be a bit biased, but the most important part of the day is your first cup of coffee. There is nothing quite like smelling the sweet aroma of coffee and taking your first sip. Whether it is drip, espresso, or something like a pour over, it is worth figuring out what kind of cup you want first thing!

You can ask yourself if you want a bolder, richer brew like a straight shot of espresso, or maybe a more delicate, cleaner cup like our recommended Aeropress. No matter what you decide on, you will be caffeinated and ready for the day!

2. Write a list

Writing a list of things you need to accomplish in the day can be a great way to organize your mind before starting! We usually write it out from highest-priority to lowest. This will ensure that you can tackle the biggest thing at the start of the day and have the rest of day to not feel the pressure looming over you.

Lists can also be a great way to look back and remember your accomplishments. You can also look back and remember tasks that may have otherwise slipped right through your fingertips. Get a nice pad of paper and start your list!

3. Prep your face

Washing your face in the morning is important to not only remove the sleep off your skin, but to mentally feel fresh and rejuvenated. It's all about getting prepared in every way. 

Rinse your face with warm water and then cleanse your face with a moisturizing face wash. Lather in a circular motion and then rinse with more warm water – remember when drying, pat don't rub! After the cleanse, apply a hyaluronic serum followed by a squalene oil or moisturizer. You can even extend the moisturizer onto your neck as it also suffers from the effects the climate has on our skin and we don't want that to happen!

4. Meditate

If you are new to mediation, it may seem very unappealing to sit in the same spot in silence for more than 10 seconds let alone 10 minutes. However, meditation is a great way to clear your mind and the stress you've undergone in your week. It is also a great reminder that you deserve quiet time filled with peace. You can even burn your favorite incense or candle, as long as you are present and you enjoy the moment!

We recommend taking 10 minutes each morning to visualize your day and let go of things that do not serve you. It helps to focus on the breath and imagine waves going in and out with each breath you take. We promise you will feel a sense of belonging and peace just after 10 minutes!